Ostomy nurses are fabulous

  1. My ostomy nurse is wonderful. I've had an ostomy since I was 24 (I'm 38 now) and have been working with the same nurse for 12 years. What other areas of nursing do you get to follow someone that long and watch them go from total despair to acceptance? Having an ostomy that leaks is just awful. I can go for years without a leak, have a revision and have to start all over again, and I know my WOCN will work with me and advocate for me until we find something that works. She has never let me down. She has helped me through the emotional difficulties, she runs a great support group, and she doesn't give up until she finds something that works. I don't know if you all understand how important the work you do is to your patients. Having an ostomy is not easy, but it gets much easier if you have a great WOCN that you can count on. She makes the difference between me living in the bathtub or working and going to school. So, as a patient, I wanted to put that out there. You guys are great!
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  3. by   lorirn58
    Thank you! Most ostomy nurses seem to really love helping patients who have had a bowel or bladder diversion I know I do!
  4. by   CWONgal
    Awww! That's so sweet! There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you are helping your patient....I love my ostomy patients!