Options in "private" sector For non healing osteo MRSA

  1. My husband has a stage 4 ishial ulcer w/ now chronic osteo of MRSA, he's had 2 failed anti-biotics, Cubicin and Zyvox, he's allergic to Vanco, what's our next step, he usually deals with the VA but they aren;t being very helpful we had to fight for a week before they'd give him the Zyvox, so we're looking outside the VA system to try to find options. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   gkrn
    I have had good success in the past with a couple of chronic MRSA patients. When they take Olive Leaf Extract with their antibiotic and then they continue on the Olive Leaf extract all the time to keep it from resurfacing. I also suggest ways to build up the immune system. Since all cells need glyconutrients that is one place to start so that the cells can communicate their needs and get the nutrition that is required. When my home care patients addressed these 2 issues, they dropped off the chronic return for IV antibiotics routine and returned to active life. Also, have read where Pycnogenol has oral and wound prep that are being found effective but do not have personal knowledge of whether it works or not.
  4. by   carleah
    I see from your thread you have experience in wound care. I am a corrections nurse with some wound care background. Most here no the minimum with regard to wound care. Can you direct me to a comprehensive wound care book with lots of illustrations? I may in the future wish to become certified. In the meantime I'd like a good resource book handy.
    Thanks, carleah