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I work in a Long Term Care facility and do a lot of wound care. I become more interested in it. I want to get a wound care certificate. a coworker told me that once you got the certificate, you'll... Read More

  1. by   certwndnrs
    If you have at least 3 years of direct wound care experience then check out the CWCA certification. The exam is offered twice a year, no classes to take. Its difficult to study for this exam because it is based on personal experience and evidence based medicine. If you become certified, and offer your expertise to agencies, then you are considered a consultant. Talk to your employer about your interest and ask if they would be willing to support you with it. Good luck.
  2. by   certwndnrs
    Typical wound measurements are Length (head to toe) at longest length, width (hip to hip) at the widest point. Depth is measured at its deepest, tunneling and tracking is measured according to the clock method with 12 being toward the patient's head. wound measurements are usually documented in centimeters.
  3. by   LuLu2008
    Is it worthwhile to spend the money for certification as a wound care nurse? What are the job options? I am a BSN.
  4. by   RoccoA
    Hi, I'm an italian RN.
    I've a question about the core competency curriculum of a Consultant, Specialist and Advanced Wound Care Nurse: are the same?
    If didn't so, in which are they different?
    In Italy we've to pass a national exam to begin to work as RN, then we've a lot of educational programmes at universities, that give us a degree (master or specialisation course). I'm attending the second year of a master in Wound Care at Modena's University (in collaboration with Pisa and Ancona) and the "core competency curriculum of specialist in wound care" will be the argument of my final work for the master.
    Thanks for replies (and excuse my english...).
  5. by   marksi
    Hello Rocco,
    I just saw your post, even though it's 2 years later. I'm a CWOCN (certified wound, ostomy and continence nurse) in the US, and I was thinking of doing a master's in Italy in wound care. Did you finish your program? I'm very curious about how wound care nurses work in Italy, and in what type of settings you work (hospitals, home, clinics?).
    Si preferisce, possiamo anche parlare in italiano. thanks.

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