Has anyone had experience with webWOC as prep for exam?

  1. I would like to become certified as WOCN, all components.

    I really don't have time for classes, and a few years ago, there were several options for on-line learning for the req'd educational program for certification. But, now, there is only one, via webWOC and it requires a 4 days stay in Minnesota, which is going to be costly for me to travel, time off from work, hotel, expenses, etc...

    I am in NJ. Does anyone know anyone who took this route? Was it do-able? recommended? Horrible? Any better ideas for schools or options to prepare that WOCN has not identified on their web site??

    The cost of the course is $4800, plus I have to get a LOT of paperwrok together, current CPR etc... I can't even apply til I get this stuff together, which I would have to do for any course, right?

    Before I invest, I just want to know if it is worth it.
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  3. by   CWOCN
    Any accreditted program is going to take lots of time and energy...and those health requirement/form things...but it is really worth the effort. Have you tried http://www.igateway.com/clients/weai/homestudy.htm
    Wicks? Might be more do-able for you....I did mine by going away from home for two whole months in Texas...Would have probably considered this had I known, but there were no available preceptors for me here at home, so I was stuck anyway. Lots of great experience with different conditions, wounds, devices, styles with a program at a major medical center. I saw things I'll probably never see again, but will be able to say I did if I do...Make sense? Good Luck.
  4. by   hoolahan
    I wanted to do wicks!! But the link was gone from the WOCN site, so I thought it was no longer available ro accredited.

    Thank you so much for this link!!!! I had forgotten the name until I saw it in your post. Yes, Wick's was what I wanted to do, and I think it was more reasonably priced, AND close to home for clinical!!

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  5. by   brc1
    I would agree with Michelle's comments in this thread that WOC Nursing education is a great deal of work. If you don't have time for classes, maybe this is a future activity for you. The program you are referring to http://www.webwocnurse.com is very interactive and engaging. There is ALOT of work there - But all the work is worth it! webWOC Nursing Ed Prog was the first online Program accredited by the WOCN and that was 3 years ago. So, having these programs online is not part of the history of this specialty. All the programs in this specialty require that you go to the site - I believe - at least for a short stay for an immersion experience.

    Additionally, I would say that the only programs you should consider are posted at the WOCN website because those are the only ACCREDITED programs. If you want to sit for their exams and become a certified WOC nurse these are the only qualified programs. I would recommend you ask the Program for emails of past students so you can find out about their experience. They may give you that information. Good Luck with this !