Got the job! New to wounds

  1. Hi Everyone!

    Quick back story: I'm a fairly new LPN (August 2016). Was hired at a local hospital I did clinicals at in nursing school--a dream come true--and I've been working Med Surg for about 6 months on my own. Wound care is what our hospital is known for, we have a very good reputation. I've always had an interest in wounds.

    On Sunday, this past weekend, I was approached by an RN on the wound care team. She informed me that a full-time position had come open and if I would be interested. I said yes, but would need to think about it (my schedule would change-husband, kids, etc.)
    On Monday, I was approached by another wound nurse and asked again. I had decided to take it, so she helped me fill out the internal application and gave me a run-down on what would be happening. Got a call from HR that afternoon to schedule an interview.
    On Tuesday, I had a peer interview with the manager & a few of the wound nurses. I felt it went well, but you just never know. The manager didn't give anything away to hint one way or another so I was a little concerned. About three hours later, HR called and told me I got the position!!!

    Everything happened so fast!!!

    I'll start early/middle of next month. I don't have much experience other than clinicals & that's been a year ago now. I need to brush up on my terminology, I'd like to do some research on techniques--even basic wound care-- VACs, dressings, medications, etc.
    I have a couple of weeks before I start so enough time to do some studying.

    Can someone suggest some websites or books to read?
    Are there any supplies that I would need to buy?
    Basically, if you were new again what would you need or need to know to get started?

    Thank you so much!!
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