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I am terrible at eyeballing when it comes to cutting black foam for a wound VAC! I have never tried making a template or anything but I might next time! My question is: What do you do if you cut the... Read More

  1. by   jrivers
    Thank you for the info. Wasn't familiar with that!
  2. by   jrivers
    No, but that's a good thing to remember. Thank you!
  3. by   afjgnp
    We have suture kits in the clinic I work at and I use the sterile sissors to cut with. Remember when you cut to brush of the sponge( not over the pt) so there are not pieces of sponge that you are leaving in the pt.
  4. by   americanTrain
    The first vacc foam fitting is the hardest for me, I measure the L,W,D of the wound bed and calculate in my head about how much I will need, I like to use a separate piece if needed the first time. But I always write down on my cheat sheet the length of foam that I used so that next time the change is a breeze. As the wound bed contracts and gets smaller, so does my piece of foam.
  5. by   jholte
    I just finished a long wound care internship and did upwards of 10 wound vacs each day. If you cut your foam into a spiral (like a snail's shell) you can start at the deepest part of the wound bed or undermining and layer it until you have filled the void and are slightly above the healthy tissue of the periwound area. The simply cut the remaining off. When you apply the clear drape on top it may be a bit harder because the foam needs a bit of pressure applied to stay in the wound but a second set of hands can assist with that easily.

    The more expensive KCI foams come pre-cut in this shape. It is clinically proven to provide more even granulation and prevent hypergranulation in areas as well.

    The thickness of your spiral cut can be to your liking. I usually cut it 1/4 inch thick.
  6. by   garnetgirl29
    I love the spiral idea! I've only used one KCI wound vac but I loved the experience. I cut the foam into about 3 pieces to fit correctly in that very oddly shaped wound I was filling, but I will try the spiral next time around!

    The wound we're using a vac on right now is only a pin hole with a LOT of drainage from a hip joint after a mass removal. The dressing for this vac looks more like a duodoerm and is one big piece. It's the 4th vac we've attempted with this wound and it works like a charm. I can't remember the brand right now, but it's a new model & we have it on a trial basis at the moment.

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