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Does anyone have a policy and procedure for photo-documentation? I am heading up a wound care program for my home health agency and would love any insight. I am starting from the bottom so I need ideas. HELP

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We dont do photo document, we cant use digital because of HIPPA, we cant have it developed because of HIPPA, we dont supply disposable cameras. We just dont do it, but technically we are supposed to. I do know that the patient needs to sign a consent for photo.

Anyone have any advice for her?

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Also, I read in our manual that photo is supposed to be done weekly to compare.


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We picture and measure all wounds on Mondays. We use a digital a digital camera which we download into our computer. We use labels which we preprint with patient initials, and site. We have our patients sign a consent to be photographed, which also includes permission to use the photos for education which we often do. There has been no privacy issues in the 10 plus years we have been using this system. Each patient has weekly documentation, for each individual wound. This system works very, very well, with state surveyers (not to brag) praising our program. Keep in mind that this will be an ongoing process, and you may have to insist on developing some of your own forms. We have found that most corporate wound care forms in no way shape or form are encompassing enough for the information we need to include

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