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Wound care Certification

by acantrell acantrell (New) New

Hello all you wound care nurses!

I am very interested in becoming a wound care nurse and want to get certified but need some guidance... can you help? There are so many different types of wound care certifications and don't know which way to go LOL I know I want to do the more advance therapies and I have a passion for wound care 😀

I was thinking about wound care specialist....but not sure if I should jump straight into that with no real wound care experience. I'm currently looking for a wound care position but it is hard with no experience....so I was thinking I could get certified to help with that.

I appreciate any help :))))


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Have you looked at LTC/NH for wound care positions? They might not be interested if you don't have any experience as they usually do prefer experienced nurses. But it might be worth a look.

I haven’t yet but that’s a great idea. Thanks for your response!

Will RN

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Hello to piggyback off this existing post a quick question...

I am an RN- with an over a year of practice experience on an orthopedics/gen surgical floor. We handle a lot of wounds and admissions from our wound care center. I am looking to become wound care certified and most online courses are more than 2,000.00 a little steep for my new grad budget with student loans. Can you all advise the cheapest route to obtain an online wcc course?