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Would you have suggested a mammogram?


Hi all,

I decided to post this in the NP forum b/c it is r/t my NP. I am in my early 20's and my grandmother had breast cancer at 29 y/o and had a mastectomy. There is a history of breast cancer/cervical cancer on my mom's side of the family but my grandmother is my closest relative who had breast cancer. My NP did a breast exam on me in the office found nothing abnormal but she did referre (sp) me to have a routine screening mammogram and said that I will get one every 3 yrs or so and until I turn 40.

So I called to make the appointment and the people at the medical imaging place said that just b/c my grandmother had breast cancer in her late 20's doesn't mean that I will have it. They told me that is what is considered a "weak family history". They went on to tell me that mammograms are not effective in women in there 20's b/c of dense breast tissue. They continued to tell me that b/c I was not having any symptoms I did not need a mammogram, and that b/c my insurance doesn't pay for routine screenings that it would be an expensive peace of mind. The were baffeled that my NP wanted me to get a mammogram. So I did not make the appointment. I was not looking for peace of mind it was just something that was addressed at my appointment and so I was just following NP's orders.

My question is this, did my NP make an appropriate judgement call? Or was it really as bizzare for her to referre me to get a mammogram as the people at the medical imaging office made it out to be? Should I still get the mammogram, or should I contact my NP's office and tell her what happened?


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Please contact your NP and ask for further clarification of her recommendations.

Unfortunately, we can't offer you medical advice, and the staff at the medical imaging center did you no favors by undermining your NP's professional judgement.

Take care.


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Hello, JoeyDog. Yes, please contact your NP about what the imaging center told you. Only she can advise you.

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