Would you recommend nursing?


I'm 22 and looking into getting my ASN (in CA), I was wondering if nursing is a job you would recommend? I would love to have a job where I help people instead of just some mindless job I show up to for a paycheck.

Also do hospitals in Ca hire RNs with just an ASN or would I need to get my BSN (I'm planning on getting my BSN maybe MSN later)

Thank you!

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Good day:

If you are willing to move, then it would work as an associate RN.

From what I've heard, and read, unemployment among nurses in CA is close to 50% with new grads being hit the hardest.

Thank you.


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I'd post this question on one of the general nursing boards rather than one of the student boards. People who have actually become nurses already will probably have a better answer for you.

I'm in nursing school now, and I absolutely love it. So yes, I think it's a great career choice.

I'd suggest getting your BSN - hospitals are hiring associate's-prepared nurses less and less, and the primary way to stay ahead is to go and get your BSN right off the bat, if you can. Some areas are less competitive, but I imagine CA definitely is.


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Your best bet is to go to the hospital or LTC or where ever you want to work as a nurse and go to their website and look up jobs as an RN. You will see if they will take Associates or BSN. Good luck :) I love being a PCT and I start the RN program (ADN) this fall. The hospital I work at now accepts ADN :)