Would you recommend this nursing speciality


It is relatively drama free. What type of experience do you need to get a nurse case manager job. Is bedside experience necessary? Or is clinic and home health sufficient. How much stress is there


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I go back and forth on it. I work mostly from home so that is a huge benefit..that and having a more flexible schedule to pick up my son at school. The work can be monotonous and stressful in times when there are a lot of case transfers or a handful of hospital discharges but it probably depends on how the company is set up and what your role would be. Time management and prioritizing are key. The downsides are listening to members complain about what is not covered, or trying to locate a PCP that is not par. When things are running smoothly , so long as you stay on top of your caseload it's not bad. If I had to do it in office I wouldn't do it.

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No, bedside nursing expeirence is not necessary, although valuable. In fact, any clinical experience is helpful to include home health and clinc.

This nursing specialty is not drama free and it is not stress free. It is also not a specialty where you do not have a learning curve or you do not need to remain in complaint through certification or examination. I do not think there is a nursing specialty that is without stress, drama, and is easy. Read a few recent threads to get a better idea of how some of us feel about doing our jobs. For example, https://allnurses.com/case-management-nursing/how-do-you-792353.html and https://allnurses.com/case-management-nursing/new-case-manager-782775.html.

Also try going to the Commission for Case Manager Certification to learn more about Case Management: http://ccmcertification.org/ and Case Management Society of America: http://www.cmsa.org/ for more information related to this specialty.