Would offering to work for less money really help a newbie CNA find his/her first job

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If an inexperienced CNA were to offer to work for less money and/or waive the shift differential would that really help them in finding work faster? I know that kind of ploy is used in other fields but I am wondering if it might help many new CNA's who have trouble landing jobs.


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I'm not for sure where you live, but here in IL. CNA jobs are everywhere& I would never work for less money, we already don't get paid enough for the amount of work we do. Also, I don't know about in hospitals, but in the LTC facilities around here, there are no shift diff.

Are you really having a hard time finding work? I live in a very small town. We have 3 nursing homes & everyone of them are hiring. They almost always are. Also in every hospital here & up to 50 miles from here is also hiring.

Maybe a change in location would be in order. If that's at all possible for you.


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Offering to work for less than the prevailing wage would not do you any good and might harm you. A prospective employer may decide not to hire a person who thought so little of their own worth. They can expect you to deliver less than what they are paying you for. Employers want the best from their employees, not just enough to get by. If you want less money per hour, you can always get work in the fast food industry. And if you were hired for less, then the next CNA who needs to support a family may face an employer who wants to pay them less also. Not a win win situation to say the least.

That's something that I would recommend, besides if your place is under a union then most likely they wont allow that to happen. In ours we're not allowed to wave overtime if we decide to stay over. Don't work for less money, I don't see why you would even want to do that in the first place. Good Luck in the job hunting!

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omg please don't do that.

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