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Hello, I am new to this board and was thinking this might be a good place to get some advice and insight. I am 21 years old and recently graduated from a CSU in business administration. I always wanted to be in the medical field, but wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do out of high school. Therefore, I chose business being that it is so broad and thought it may help me in the future in whatever I ended up doing as a career. However, I knew I regretted not going into nursing after my first year in college. After my third year, I decided to take the plunge and started on the standard prerequisites for applying to nursing school. Now, I am struggling to decide which route to go to become a nurse. Since I already have a bachelors degree, I would really prefer to get a masters. The only way to do that would be to go to a entry level masters program from what I understand. UC Davis seems to be the only school that would fit what I want in terms of location, cost, etc. However, I would have to wait until April 2017 to apply for summer of 2018. I am also in the position to apply for CSU programs this fall. Do you think it is worth the risk to wait to apply for UC Davis? I know it is competitive and would have to wait another year to apply for schools that I have a better chance of getting into if I end up not getting into UC Davis. For reference, I have a 3.85 overall GPA and 4.0 in all prerequisites. Cost is not a huge factor to me, but I would rather not pay costs similar to what requires. I am hoping some of you can give me advice on my situation due to your knowledge and personal experiences. Thank you.

Additional Questions:

Do any of you know anything about the UC Davis mepn program?

Do you know of any other programs that might be worth looking into?


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I have an unrelated bachelors. I chose to get my ASN first so I could work while doing a transition to MSN.However in my area ASN nurses are still common in hospitals.

One of the considerations in my case was financial. As a holder of a bachelors degree I no longer qualified for grants. I couldn't afford the time commitment of an MSN without working and I didn't want a huge student loan when I still hadn't paid off all of the first one.