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I have a question for all of the LVN's in the California Bay Area. I am currently attending school in VA and I would like to relocate back home to the bay area once I am finished with school, but would like to know if many of the LVN's have been having a hard time finding jobs? Also I would like to know what is the average salary for a new grad out in the bay area? I am trying to compare the two states to see if it would be worthwhile to return back home to work or to just stay where I am currently. I would love any information that anyone would have in this matter.

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Don't worry as much about the salary, but more of what you will pay in housing costs and living expenses. If you are someplace where your costs are reasonable, then you may be better off with that...............

The Bay area is one of the most expensive areas to live in as I am sure that you are aware of...............


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i just recieved my license in the mail, and have been looking for a job for about a month now. I seems that very few of the hopitals (exept for Kaiser) are using LVN's much any more. A of the few that are want someone with at least one years experience. The experience seems to be the same for the nursing homes, and doctors offices also.

As far as salary, the average seems to be $19-25.00 per hour. I've seen less, and I've seen more.

I hope this helps


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