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I need some help please. I'm currently writing a research paper for my ENG 102 class. I'm doing my paper on the nursing shortage and I would like to interview a nurse and/or nursing school professor for my paper. I would need some personal information to cite your answers in my paper. But I'm not a crazy lady...I promise. LOL If you would like to send me your answers to my questions I can give you my email address. If you have any other information you would like to give regarding the nursing shortage or what you think about it that I didn't ask, please feel free to let me know that as well. Thank you so much guys, it will be very appreciated.

Questions are:

1) How is the current nursing shortage effecting you or your job?

2) What do you think can be done to resolve the nursing shortage?

3) What aspects do you think are the major cause of the nursing shortage?

4) Do you think that changing the conditions of the workplace would help the nursing shortage?

5) How do you think the nursing shortage effects patient care?

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