Would you go to a newly founded school?


I have gotten wind that there may be a new CRNA school forming in my area. The source I have is very reliable and I truley believe that this may be happening. I am not sure about accredidation and how that process works. Would you go to a school if it were accredited but brand new? I think I would be hesitant. I was in the second bsn class of a second degree program and there were so many glitches that made the experience almost painful! It was a good nursing program just not well organized :uhoh3: . What do you think?

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Make sure it truly is accredited........some hospitals won't hire if you graduated from a school that wasn't accredited - even if you are able to pass the nclex. I wouldn't rule out the new program just because it's new, I would investigate it further.




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If the school is not accredited, I don't think the graduates of that program can sit for the CRNA boards.

I was in Newman University's (Wichita, Ks) first class. The program was well organized, but there were some glitches. Nothing that was too bad though.

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i know that MD started their program this past sept...and i have heard alot of rumbings about how disorganized it can be - which is expected - but unwelcome in an already difficult endeavor.

good luck.


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I will be graduating from a "new" program this December (Samford University).

Although it seemed tough at times being the "guinea pig" class, I feel like I have received a quality education and are equal to my peers in other programs.

I say, go for it....I did and am very happy!

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