Would you have changed anything in your graduate program?

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Hi everyone,

After a few years' worth of research, reflection, and... overtime, I am about to start graduate school for my Family Nurse Practitioner degree. While I'd like to believe I've thought through many of the things I will face once in graduate school, sometimes it's best to consult the experts!

I am curious to hear from people who have completed their programs (whether FNP, AGNP, PNP, Nurse Specialist/Educator or any MSN/DNP/PhD degree). Would you have done anything differently looking back on your studies? Is there anything you know now that you wished you had known when you started or were completing your degree?

Thank you in advance!



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I would have organized my Clinicals better by spending time completely with each preceptor instead of doing all of them mixed together. I also would have used more of my resources in clinical so when I got out, I would have been more confident about the decisions I made and why I made them. Good luck to you! Where are you attending?


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Thanks so much! That's very useful to know. Do you mean mixing your clinicals all in one semester versus spreading them out over the year? Do we have an option of changing that if we wanted to?

I'll be attending UCLA for the two year Masters program.


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I had 675 hours to complete and because I worked full time as well and my preceptors has different days off, I often did a day each week with each preceptor. This was very disorganized and often confusing since each one had a different style. I think I would do the full amount of hours I had set with each provider before I moved to the next if possible.


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Pick your clinical rotations carefully...it may be the only place you get offered a job!

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If you know what area you want to work in, concentrate your clinical hours there. It helped a lot when I started my job. And ask your preceptors for feedback on your performance. It can help you know what to focus on.

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