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Would it be a bad idea to take General Chemistry, A&P2, and pathophysiology?

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I'm looking into taking Essentials of General/Organic Chemistry, A&P2, and pathophysiology in one semester, would this be completely too much to take in one semester?

It depends on your ability. Since they are all sciences, it may be very hard if you have a busy life. while I was a student I took A&P 2 and chemistry 2. I added nutrition. I was able to handle it because I was not working. It all depends on your ability and situation.

Ummm, yes... :yes:

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Personally I wouldn't do it.

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Good day, rmc2962:

I'm taking pathophysiology right now. While it is my favorite class to date, it is extremely hard. One of the reasons I'm up to the challenge is that I completed AP1, AP2, Microbiology, and Nutritional science. I would never have considered taking it with AP2 (patho is harder than any of the other prerequisite sciences in my experience). Organic chemistry and AP2 will be hard enough let alone adding pathophysiology.

Thank you.


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Absolutely. You could maybe take chemistry and A&P 2 together, maybe, but I would be hesitant to even suggest that. I especially wouldn't take pathophysiology without finishing A&P 2.

Doable, but tough. One quarter I took A&P 2, O-chem, and micro concurrently, all with labs. The material was dense and, in the case of o-chem, intensely difficult for me to grasp, so I had to put in a lot of work. If you're not chemistry-inclined, you're going to find o-chem is a killer. A&P 2 isn't bad if you're starting with a good foundation from A&P 1, so I wouldn't hesitate to stack that with anything else. Patho can be a tough one, depending on your ability to memorize/synthesize information. If you can avoid taking all 3 at once, I'd suggest you do that. There's no need to stress yourself out that badly before nursing school even starts. You'll have plenty of time to go out of your mind once you're in a program. ;)

If you are strong in your sciences and you don't have other distractions (kids, job etc) then yes I would do it. A&P and Chem seems doable but all 3 seems a bit hard!