Would an Australian Graduate Entry Program be an adequate nursing education backgroun


Hello guys,

I'm an international student from Japan thinking about taking a graduate entry program in nursing for two years in Australia in part because of my parents' work there. Yet I personally like the weather in southern Canada where I might be able to register as nurse. I said might as I'm not sure whether I could sit CRNE as long as the Canadian nursing board would assess my previous relevant education. Would my two-year accelerated program be recognized in CANADA? BTW im definately willing to take further course in CANADA if required. The worst would be I may even not have a chance to register in canada in that I took an accelerated course in OZ.

Thank you for your help! I've already contacted the CANADIAN board yet got no reply.:nurse:

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This thread is moving to the International Forum. The topic is not specific to nursing in Canada but more related to immigration.

The weather in southern Canada that you like so much is most likely only found in Ontario... most of Canada has very harsh weather most of the year. The only one who can really answer your question then is the College of Nurses of Ontario (we don't have boards, and each province does their own due diligence). You'll just have to be patient and wait for their assessment.