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Would this affect me getting into Chamberlain?


In 2013, I was arrested then charged with a petty theft crime of a stolen retail value of $145. But because this was my first offense as a juvenile (still is) I was put in a diversion program where I was subjected to various activities (like community service or writing an essay) to get the charges dropped and a non "conviction". Well I successfully completed the program that same year ( it was only 24 hours) and I was wondering would that affect my chances of getting into Chamberlain College of Nursing? I already gotten the charge expunged but I'm not sure if it will still show up on my background, or I won't be able to do clinicals.

I was fifteen at the time but now I'm eighteen and will start pre-nursing this fall at my local community college, and then later on apply to chamberlain for the fall of 2016.

Does anyone have any advice or was/in the same situation I'm in?