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is is worth reading Fundamentals of Nursing

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hello all,

im a pre-nursing who have no experience in Nursing but do have a Certify CNA license. so with that said does anybody know if is even worth it to read on to Fundamentals of Nursing?

I have about 5 friends who are at this moment going through the nursing degree BSN and they had told me it would help to read on this to gain knowledge and understand the concepts of becoming a Nursing. I'm not yet close to getting in because it will be until next year if I get accepted. But I would like to spend my time doing something productive until I actually start my Nursing school. Please let me know the real truth about this book before I start buying and find out I don't really need it. thank you. hope to hear something from somebody.


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I really don't see why you wouldn't want to read the fundamentals of nursing book. I learned so much my first term in LPN school and this was a book I basically slept with every night. Yes, a good amount of it may be things you already know from your practice as a CNA but you may currently have some bad habits that you may recognize by reading a fundies book. I was a CNA before going into school as well and I learned so much from reading my fundies book. I gained a lot of basic nursing knowledge that gave me a great foundation to build upon. I wouldn't spend a whole ton on it if its not a required text book or if you are just trying to read up on things prior to school but if you can find a cheap used copy or better yet one at a library Id say go for it. What bad could come from it?

Are you taking any prereqs right now such as A&P or anything?

thanks for the advice. maybe I will get the book so that I can get some more knowledge. I have do all my pre-requisites except one sociology oh yes and I don't need to do chemistry but im going to do that with the lab incase I need it and I just have it on my belt. yes, I for sure wont spend a lot in it but so far in the schools im trying to apply in California area do have that class as their first semester so I think it would help not sure which one to get for a good study material but im going with my gut feeling on researching for the right one and I will be going to library and used book, I don't need a knew one for sure. thanks again for your time.