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Okay so I really want to get into cal state Long Beach but my first semester was so bad because my mom had passed away the week of finals and I there was no way I could take my finals that week. I was taking bio 101 which I got a B in, psychology 101 which I got an A in, English 100 which I got a B in, and stats which I got a C in. my main worry is the C in stats because it is on the major course requirements for nursing at csulb. HOWEVER, this semester I am enrolled in anat 231, sociology 101, communications, and music 116 which I have ALL A's in. Im just wondering if that one C in stats will really set me back in getting accepted to csulb or any nursing program?

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I am unable to answer your question, but hopefully some of our members will be able to add their wisdom and expertise (too bad you can't ask CSULB).

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