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Worried about previous GPA..

by superking superking (Member)

Hi guys.I am a foreign medical graduate,just enrolled in an accelerated BSN program.I went through some posts in this section and now worried about CUMULATIVE GPA.What is that and how much it will affect the application for CRNA?

My stats are

1. First professional degree in medicine equivalent to US MD(GPA 3.1)

2. 7 years as Family physician including 1.5 years in medical ICU in home country

3. Hope to get at least 3.6 gpa in accelerated BSN

4.Then get as much ICU experience as i can get thinking 2 years minimum with CCRN

Can i get into CRNA school with such stats or my GPA in medical school will hunt me down?

Honest and prompt answers are needed.Thanks

I do not think so. I do believe that will be good enough for an interview. Science GPA will be big too, so that needs to be good as well. Although most places only call for a year of ICU experience, I do not know many people who have been accepted with only a year of experience. More often than not, the average years of experience is 2-3 years. Get to an ICU where you'll see a lot of vasoactive drugs, inotropes, sedatives, narcotics, and even paralytics. Seeing swans and a lot of devices are also a plus. After you have the required number of bedside hours, take your CCRN and even consider taking a subspecialty afterwards; for example, I got my CCRN, and within 1-2 months got my CSC (Cardiac Surgery Certification). Its not going to be just one thing that will mess you up since there are so many variables; although you may not have the highest GPA, you could blow the interview panel away with what you know and how you come across. Good luck with the rest of the ABSN program and working towards your goals!

Anything is possible. GOOD lUCK and stay positive!

Just try to get as high as you can on your BSN. You'll be a great addition it seems like :) Good luck and welcome to the nursing profession.