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I'm trying to get into a cna training program in western mass, and I'm worried that once I complete the training program no one will hire me because I have a really bad work history. The most recent job that I had was as a cashier supervisor, and I was fired because I refused to admit to stealing a wallet from lost and found, because there was never a wallet there to steal. The reason they listed for why I was fired was "failure to follow lost and found policy as set by company". I'm afraid that noone will hire me because when they ask why I was fired and I tell them, they'll think that I'm a thief and won't hire me.


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Well, there are a few ways to approach this situation. First, do you have other work experience and other employers that can give you a better recommendation? If so, maybe you could omit the employer that you had trouble with from your application and just not mention the job. If you worked there for a long time though- it would show a long unemployment gap and that might not be good.

Your other option is to just list the previous employer and hope that they do not contact them. I don't know how many employers actually follow up and contact previous employers for recommendations. You may find that no one ever calls to follow up.

Your last option is to be truthful and proactive when you apply for CNA jobs. Let the employer know about your experience at your last job and that it was a misunderstanding. There is nothing wrong with letting an employer know that you learned from your mistakes (failure to follow through with "policy" blah blah blah) and now understand how important it is to follow rules precisely.

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