Worried about my application to the Bradford-Union LPN Program

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I have an offical application for LPN program at Bradford-Union Technical Center. I have everything ready to go. But I have an issue, out of 100 max points the only amount I can score is between 60-70. I don't qualify for point as a Bradford Union resident which is 5 points, because I live in Clay County. My TEAS score gives me only 15 points. I did great on my TABE giving me 35 points, and I have certifications in Medical Assisting, PCA, HHA, and I currently a CNA/Med Tech working full time for the past 3 years. I really wnt to get into this program, but I don't know what to do to bring my score up. If anyone has any ideas, they would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!


I turned in my completed application this morning. I have my fingers crossed and I will know the vertict on May 12th. Wish me luck!


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I live in clay & I'm also waiting on an answer! Do you know anything yet? I called & they said they were sending letters on the 12th. Fingers crossed for us!

Thanks! I got my letter today and I was accepted. (Yay!) I tried to call yesterday and I just got the answering machine in student services. So I was pretty relieved that I got my letter in the mail today. I noticed that the postmark was dated for yesterday. Hoping you got yours today too and it said accepted! Let me know!


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Congrats!! I am in too! Looks like I will be seeing you in orientation on the 10th :)))

YAY!!!!!!!!!! Congrats! We rock!


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how was the program ladies im applying this year and want all the pros and cons

how many people do they accept into the program each year?

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