What advanced nursing degrees are recognized in Europe (specifically Italy)

  1. Hello folks,

    I'm interested in moving to Italy to practice and currently hold a BSN.
    I understand the need to pass their version of the NCLEX as well as language proficiency.

    My question is: are there such things as advanced degree specialties (MSN/DNP) in this country, are there NP's in Italy?
    I'm interested, while learning the language, to start grad school and knowing what advanced degrees are recognized (or not recognized) will help me make a decision as far as which direction to head.


    -j, R.N.
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  3. by   martacampo
    Hi,I'm an italian nurse from Verona.Where are you from?
    Maybe herehttp://www.ipasvi.it you can find some information
  4. by   iballjay
    Thanks for the link. I'm from the States.....and sadly can't yet read italian so it'll be some time before I can use the link... but I'd love to hear your thoughts on the above.

  5. by   martacampo
    there is also the english version

    It's strange that you want to come to Italy...here the situation is not so good!!!
    I think it's better to be a nurse in your country...
    and that's the reason why I'm looking for a working experience in US
    but I think it's only a dream because you have a lot of restrictions for the foreigners

    take a look to this website it's a travel nurses agencies
    http://www.asistentimedicali.com/nur...italy.php...if you need some help contact me!ciao!
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Best get busy practising and learning Italian because I am sure it will be expected especially if you plan on working. Also you may have problems getting a work visa (something to be aware of)
  7. by   springing
    Advanced nursing degrees and careers are only just starting to take off around the world and are mainly found in anglophone countries. The only career we recognize as advanced in the US that is common in Italy is the midwife, but they are not considered advanced there and make the same as nurses - 1200 or so Euros a month before unsocial hours, overtime, bonuses, etc.

    The regular profession of nursing is not as advanced in Italy as it is in the United States, either. Throughout much of southern Europe, nurses are more like what we would call CNAs here. They are not well paid. You have to go to Ireland, the UK (still not as well paid as the US), Denmark, Norway and Sweden to find decent nurse salaries.

    As a side note...if you are descended from an italian person and meet certain requirements (has to be through the male line before 1948, and your ancestors must not have become naturalized American citizens. Having been born in the US to an italian immigrant is fine as long as the immigrant did not become a citizen before the birth) you are eligible for italian citizenship whether you speak the language or not.
  8. by   marksi
    I've been doing some searches on this as I would like to move to Italy in a few years. There are some universities that offer advanced nursing degrees in Italy. I'm not sure how that translates into jobs, however. i don't believe there's anything like a nurse practitioner. I am a WOCN (Certified Wound, Ostomy & Continence Nurse) and I know that both wound and ET nurses are specialists in some hospitals.
    As far as licensing, I'm still trying to figure this out using this Italian website: http://www.salute.gov.it/professioni...riconoscimento (for determining/applying for degree equivalencies)
    I believe you have to send documentation to the Ministry of Health to get an approval if the education equals the italian nursing schools. Then you have to apply in the regional office http://www.ipasvi.it/
    it seems a little complicated but not nearly as complicated as what foreignors who want to work in the US have go through. I think you also have to take a language exam, as well. Obviously you'll need to speak Italian well.
    If anybody has any information, as well, please let me know. I'm especially interested in talking to italian nurses who specialize in wound, ostomy and continence care.
  9. by   mikeehKEL
    hi martacampo. im michael im a malenurse from thephilippines but im here now in modena italia..please do help meto find an nursing job here in italy. i really dont know where to start,,it was a big help.thank you and gob blessed..
  10. by   mikeehKEL
    please do help me to find some information how can i start to find any nursing job in italy..im michael a male nurse from the philippines but now im here on your country..in modena italia
    Quote from martacampo
    Hi,I'm an italian nurse from Verona.Where are you from?
    Maybe herehttp://www.ipasvi.it you can find some information
  11. by   MurseMike33322
    A male nurse, in any country, is called a "Murse". Good luck all and save a life
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