wanted to work in italy

  1. hi guyz!
    it's my dream to work in a romantic place of italy.
    i'm working as an endoscopy nurse for almost 7 years now and presently working in 1 of the biggest hospital in riyadh, ksa.
    i don't know where to apply , how to process and what are the requirements or any hospital that accepts foreigner nurse like me.
    i'm willing to study italian language.

    thank you so much.
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  3. by   BlueMelon
    hi! i just wanted to say good luck on your journey moving to italy if that's what you really want to do. i'm an italian citizen living in the usa and i just wanted to give you a heads up that actually living in italy isn't as romantic as it seems - the cost of living anywhere near civilization is astronomical (especially if you want luxuries like washing machine and dryer) - many people live with their families until marriage because apartments and utilities are so expensive and the taxes can be outrageous. you can get hired as a foreign nurse if you have a proper visa/sp/eu citizenship and have your diploma validated and then pass italian testing. you'll also need to be native-like fluent in italian. anyway...i wish you luck on your path
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