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Hello to everyone..Can I ask anyone who is working with MOH saudi Arabia? Can I ask if they are offering a 1 year contract? Can you give me also an idea regarding their exam? thank you in advance.... Read More

  1. by   ainz2018
    Which is better under MOH or HOP?
    If I am Muslim female applicant would it be more chances of being qualified in MOH-HOP even if you have less number year of experience or still the same with other religion this year nowadays?
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  2. by   ainz2018
    Hi, im a newbie in this site, I just want to ask regarding the new policies of SRO.Do they still accept walk-in applicants? I'm planning to go to manila this coming november, I'm from Zamboanga City and I already passed my requirements/folder here in POEA-Zamboanga office since last August 9, 2012. They gave me an orange card and advised me to register thru online in poea website. I am worried because until now i didn't receive any text from SRO for exam and interview. I follow up my application for the past few weeks in their office, but the poea personnel here in zamboanga told me that they have not yet sent our folders to POEA-SRO Manila because there was no hiring yet or delegation i think.. I asked them when will be the next delegation, still they dont know the answer when it will be..Do I have to pass again another set of requirements in POEA Manila when i got there for faster application in SRO and receive text as soon as I pass my folder in manila poea? or Just wait for their text here.?

    Hope to hear from you regarding these matter. Thanks much.!
  3. by   adele_nurse
    I heard from POEA staff that the next delegation will be on November. No exact date. No need to submit your documents in POEA Ortigas main building.