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Hello to all nurses... dis is just helpful info 4 those hu r planning to go to Dubai..Please b4 u plan make sure u have the ff qualifications: prc license 2 yrs exp attested cert(school... Read More

  1. by   jidousha
    Windfreakz..how long was your working experience here in the Philippines?
  2. by   windfreakzz
    hmm.. 2 years and 9 months base certificate friend
  3. by   jidousha
    and that was a paid experience and not a VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE? am i right?
  4. by   windfreakzz
    technically yes,^_^
  5. by   mel_mars
    Hi all... i am now in abu dhabi.. i am a nurse in philippines,graduated last march 2007 and passed the NLE. I came here thru visit visa but was not able to get a job in nursing. i tried clinics,but they are only paying you 2500 dirhams and you're not a nurse but your visa is receptionist. So my advice please have some 2 years experience pls.... I am now applying for MOH exam because they only need 1000 hours of exp.... hope this helps you.
  6. by   dy3p
    hey everyone. I myself am a nurse over at the Philippines and tried my luck over here at the Emirates. Basically, what they require is at least 2 yrs clinical experience and Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) exam. They wont accept, or give you any application form if you didnt take the HAAD exam. Just like NCLEX or any foreign exam, HAAD is taken thru pearson vue located mostly anywhere around the globe. MOH is the old haad which they had over here. To sum things up, get 2yrs of experience, have your documents (TOR, form 137 etc.)authenticated including your clinical hours and schedule yourself for the haad exam. Once all is done, you can go visit the emirates as a visit visa which is 1 month of stay and there you could look for vacancies. Or better yet, you could check online first. Hope this helps. Good luck, peace!.
  7. by   jidousha
    HI D3YP.. i just wanna know if Emirates allow VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE FOR 2 YEARS?? do they consider it and will they allow us to have an HAAD exam with that kind of experience.. its not a paid experience actually.. please shed us some light.. because the hospitals here in the Philippines are exploiting us nurses. Thank you so much.
  8. by   manalang
    are they particular with the bed capacity??
  9. by   dy3p
    i made some calls to confirm of what i know of. according to www.haad.ae and the operator guy i talked to, you can take the haad exam for rn's. that is because your are indeed a nurse. and the test would be given by pearson vue as they are affiliated with the health authority of abu dhabi. pearson vue wouldn't bother you taking it, but, the haad won't issue you your license because of the 2yrs volunteer experience. what they can give you though is the practical nurse license which is equivalent of that with a nursing aid back home. i posted the requirements for the haad license below. take note that this is for licensing itself and not for the exam. the requirements of the exam is by simply scheduling yourself at www.pearsonvue.com.

    licensing application checklist
    the following checklist provides you a guide on the documents that you are required to submit along with your application form. proof of originals is required upon submission. all attached documents for licensing require legal english translation because these documents may have to be reviewed by non - arabic speaking officers.

    completed application form
    current and up to date detailed resume with 5 passport photographs
    passport and visa (residence or visit) - valid and current
    country specific high school completion certificate (as per the pqr) this is not a requirement for physicians, dentists and pharmacists.
    professional qualifications - certificate/ diploma/ degree/ post graduate
    transcript of professional training - must include theory and clinical hours
    practicing professional license - valid and current from home country
    a certificate of 'good standing'/ registration or license from each country where you have been employed to meet minimum requirement of 2 years experience post internship if you worked in a country and for a government facility where you practiced on your 'home license' (e.g. saudi arabia) please ensure to summit certificate of employment in place of certificate of 'good standing'
    relevant experience to the position:
    official certificate of service (cos) from an authorized person at health facility. must be from hr
    cos must specify the position held.
    cos must specify the employment period/duration
    scanned cos must be clear and readable.
    date from (dd/mm/yyyy ) to (dd/mm/yyyy).
    experience must be in a substantive post (volunteer work and training is not acceptable)
    uae moh evaluation/licensure if applicable

    all these will be submitted at the haad main office or branches here in abu dhabi, but according to the telephone operator. he was kind enough to tell me that the hospital that will hire us would do the whole thing, we just have to submit the haad result. hope these helps.thanks.

  10. by   yelncruise
    as far as i know they want a work experience, as for the bed capacity its not a big issue as long as your capable to handle and care for 100 different nationalities here..
  11. by   dy3p
    not really..experience is what they are looking for..
  12. by   manalang
    hi. thanks for the reply. what will you advice me? go to abu dhabi as a visit visa or just find a agency here in phil.? what is salary rate for nurses?
  13. by   MojoJojo
    visit visa is a very big risk.

    Unless you have relatives who can shelter and feed you during your jobless stay in dubai then i guess its well and good.

    If you have no relatives or no one to help you. think 20x