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Hello to all nurses... dis is just helpful info 4 those hu r planning to go to Dubai..Please b4 u plan make sure u have the ff qualifications: prc license 2 yrs exp attested cert(school... Read More

  1. by   yengcuison
    hi gud day. i am a registered nurse here and im planning to go to dubai early next year. i have my cousin there to request me for a visit visa and there will i start to find work. any advice that you can give me? tnx! and God Bless!
  2. by   maloomj
    i am a nurse,haad prossesing ask me to submit a certificate of 'good standing'/ registration or license from your current place of work from regulatory authority.
    would you pleas sent me the meaning and how i can get this certficate from my country (india).
  3. by   botbot
    hi im new here and i read your post regarding you taking the moh exam. i just wanna ask what are the requirements in taking the exam and is it true that you should have an employer first before taking the exam?
  4. by   kikaynikiko
    Good day everyone! Hi I graduated in 2006 and I passed our NLE on June 2006 also. I worked as a Staff Nurse from February 2007 to February 2008 and then become as a Medical Representative from March 2008 up to April 2010. I had to find other job to earn money to support my application abroad. Before in 2006, you can easily apply in a hospitals and it never come to my mind that this declining opportunity to practice as a Staff Nurse here in the Philippines will emerge.
    I am about to practice again and starting to apply in different hospitals in Manila and even provinces just to gain another experience since I left my previous work. I also engage in different trainings to be updated. I used my earnings to my allowances and payments for the said seminars. I believed that ONCE YOU ARE A NURSE, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE A NURSE, so all the money I spent are worth spending.
    I became depressed this past few months because of a hard time finding a nursing job here in the Philippines. I took all the efforts to find job in the web by registering to a lot of job online sites. I have been interviewed by an employer from Saudi and fortunately passed his standard. They are requiring me to have a medical exam and prometric exam so I can fly to Saudi. But I declined the offer because he is assigning me in a Derma Clinic and the contract is two years. I have no problem with the salary of Php20,000 because all I want is to practice my profession in the hospital. I have learned from my friends who are RNs there that every year, they have the privilege vacation in the Philippines for a month with free tickets back & forth with salary and the minimum of the salary is Php30,000 - Php40,000.
    I am new here and still experiencing depression due to lack of work and opportunity to practice my nursing profession. I believes that this site may help me overcome the situations I am experiencing right now.
  5. by   jo_madrid24
    hello, i just have few questions please it needs an urgent reply.
    i am a registered nurse here in the philippines, i am currently working as full time RN at a hospital. i was hired on january 5, 2009 and will giong to resign on february 15 of this year (i will be on leave from january.13 to 24).. Is this considered a 2 years experience???

    I already passed the HAAd exam. my additional questions are:

    1. what papers do i need to submit for authentication @ DHL?

    2. which is more reliable agency or having visit visa?

    3. if ill be walking-in, (as visit visa no agency) do i still need medical applications?

    please, i fervently hope for a reply to my questions please help me. thank you and God Bless.
  6. by   jo_madrid24
    Good day.
    I am registered nurse here in the Philippines.
    I have questions that needs urgent reply. please help me.
    I am currently connected to a secondary level hospital, working as full time nurse.
    I was hired on January 5,2009 and is planning to resign on February 15 of this year, however i will be on leave on January 13 to 24, 2011. Is this still considered two years experience?

    my additional questions are::

    1. what are those documents that need to be authenticated?

    2. which is more reliable agency or having visit visa and apply @ abu dhabi personally?

    3. if ill be going there on a visit visa, do i still need a medical papers/documents for applying?

    4. do i still need to red ribbon my HS diploma for HAAD applicants?

    please i beg, answer my questions. please. thank you and God Bless.
  7. by   ryekisuki16
    hi guys, im just new here..im an RN here in the philippines, im planning to go to dubai and have my moh there..ive read in one of the post here that there is a venue here in manila for the moh..is it true? and where in manila? tnx
  8. by   ryekisuki16
    hi guys, im an RN here in the Philippines and had already 2 years in hospital experience, im planning to go to dubai and have my moh exam there but ive read in one of the posts here that moh is also held here in the philippines may i know where here?
  9. by   banchan
    hi dubaiers! just want to ask what happened to your application for jpepa? are you already there in japan? how did it go? i'm planning to go there as well so i'm hoping you could give me some advice. thanks a lot.

    Quote from dubaiers!
    hi everybody! i just arrived a week a go from dubai.... 3 years stay with sacrifice..hayyyyy... there's no place like home... dubai? stressful. i swear! my salary is good but the environment omg! for those who are planning to go think 100x.. but if you really want to take the risk...try to visit and read about moh and doh and haad. luckily iam doh,moh,haad licensed but still i will not recommend uae....stressful...

    and please all rn's if you really want to try dubai, please avoid applying in belhoul (enaya home nursing) you will become caregiver... promise! there are lots of rn's employed in this hospital that makes lives miserable..and i am one of them suffered 4 months huhuhu ...and luckily after 6 months i passed doh and after 1 year i passed moh and lately 1 passed haad..yeah i am flattered with my licenses but suffered a lot ... i suggest, try other countries like new zealand, canada, australia ,japan..opps registration on going - poea jigwels!and yes! i recieved email notification from jigwels rn's pre qualified nurses 2nd batch!

    for info:

    1. www.moh.ae- license for 7 emirates
    2. www.dohms.gov.ae -dubai
    3. www.haad.gov.ae- abu dhabi

    good luck to all rn!
  10. by   rzl_30
    hello everyone! I would like to know if a job as Clinical instructor is a valid nursing experience? I have passed the HAAD exam but I am not sure if I can apply for a license.. I am currently a CI and I only had my hospital experience for 1 year and 2 months which was 4 years ago.tnx!!!
  11. by   jobet
    good evening...i'm jobet, how am I able to take this exam? What are the details? thank you...........
  12. by   chappy86
    i'm going to dubai this march. my question is do i have to send all the documents required for registration for UAE seal or just my TOR, RLE and diploma. i'm asking this to be sure and also to save some money. hehe. thanks a lot!
  13. by   chappy86
    i would like also to ask how long will the processing to the time i will the take the DOH exam. i know its an interview exam but i have no idea how the situation will go or how many questions will be ask. can anyone who already seated for this share their experiences. thanks!