requirements for applying nursing job in italy

  1. hi! i'm wanted to work in italy and practice my profession there but i do't know the process and where to apply. for sure they have a lot of requirements and i'm willing to comply.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    You need to be fluent in Italian and this website should help, be warned I think a lot is in Italian although you may get some English translations. Plus you need to make sure you qualify for a work visa as that may be the stumbling block for you if not already a EU citizen
  4. by   lynnzie
    thanx a lot for the info....
  5. by   iballjay
    Hoping there might be more info from others to be had. I too am interested and am wondering what sort of concentrations exist in Italy. For example, is there such thing as an Italian NP?


  6. by   scarlet2
    Hi guys

    has anyone had any luck with finding nursing jobs in italy and how to go about it?

  7. by   Vanillanut
    I looked into this awhile back, not only do you have to speak Italian well, but you must pass the Italian RN exam, which is offered only in Italian. So your Italian has to be pretty good/include medical terminology. + work visas etc