Nursing Schools in Cuba?

  1. I want to go to nursing school in Cuba. I'm not from Cuba. I understand some Spanish and I'm happy to study more Spanish before I go (or while at the school, if that's an option). I can read Spanish but I don't have the Google Fu in Spanish to find programs and information on requirements and how to apply.

    Has anyone done this? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    If you plan to eventually practice in the US- this is a terrible idea.
  4. by   aniola
    I'm interested in the Cuban training and aware this would not provide me with an RN.
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  5. by   jt_rn13
    I studied nursing in Cuba. I'm originally from Jamaica WI and I got a scholarship to study in Cuba. It was a 5 year program, I graduated in 2013 and moved to the US in 2014. And last year 2016 I got approved by the nursing board of NY to sit the NCLEX, which I passed this year after taking some review classes and studying extra hard. The hardest part was getting my transcript sent from Cuba to the NY BON, this was due to the fact that I had no guidance and it was basically trial and error and I had to eventually travel to Cuba from the US to request the transcript. I'm telling you all this to say it is possible to study in Cuba and work in the US, It's a great experience and learning a new language especially Spanish is an added bonus. However to get your education approved by your nursing board can be a long and tedious task.
    There are great nursing programs in Cuba. I attended the school of Nursing in Jaguey Grande for the for first 3 yrs and then the last 2 years at the Livia Gouvener School of Nursing which is an entity of The University of Medical Sciences of Matanzas.
    Hope I was of some assistance.
  6. by   Suzzy001
    Hey i also studied in Cuba and have been in the process for 1yr tryinf to get my documents evaluated. Please please please cpuld u inform me of how u got the school to authenticate the seals and signatures that they sent to the us. They keep telling me that they are not recieving it. Any advise that can be given will be receptive.