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Is there anyone who can fill me in on RN jobs in France. I prefer the city hospiitals, I work in ICU currently. I have many years exp in Med Surg also. Would like to hear from someone. If you... Read More

  1. by   mpgrrrl
    Hello Everyone,

    so my question for the Frenchies (or anyone else who's working in France) is about nursing in France and especially in Paris. I have an EU Bachelor in Nursing (from Greece), je parle tres bien le francais, but I'm a bit confused about the permission I need to get in order to work in France. I've contacted a hospital and they've told me that I need to get it through the DDASS. I've looked through their site but I couldn't find anything... I haven't moved yet to France and I would really like to know what I have to do before I finally go there. Does anybody know? Or should I go straingt into calling them to find out?
    Also, I would like to know about experiences in France. How are you getting along where you are? If I work in France it will be my FIRST experience as a licensed nurse and I have no idea what to expect... I'm only sure that it will be better that in my country!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. by   lavander2
    Hi All! I am new here, just registered I found this website is very helpful. I am a Filipino but has a nurse qualification from UK. I am actually working as a nurse in a private sector here in London although planning to go back to NHS despite of everything,I feel that NHS is more family friendly. Anyhow, I am planning to go to Aix-en Provence next year to send my 7 year old and my daughter to a french school to study french including myself. This is to prepare them to study in a french university in the future because the tuition fees here is now over the top 9 grand a year. My husband is french and these children of mine although they were born here in London they have a french passport. I know the place where I am going is a nice place to live. Wel will be staying there for a year or two. I am thinking to be coming to London every 3 months to do some bank shifts so that I can keep my NMC PIN.We don't have any relatives in France, my french at the moment is zero although my husband got some close friends in there. Can anyone tell me how it is like to live in there. Do they have parents club? Something that I can do while the children are in school?
  3. by   ericjameshealth
    Wow, thanks for all this info, for the bilingual american/French hospital do you sitll have to go through the process of getting a French Licens, or EU licens? im from America by the way and am interested in working in France. is it possible you could PM me some info about all this,i know thatthis thread is from 4 years ago
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    There is no such thing as a EU license. Even people from the EU moving from one country to another has to meet the country's requirements and be issued a nurse's license. Working will require you to meet French requirements both for RN as well as immigration
  5. by   ZippyGBR
    the only difference for a Nurse from an EU state vs a none EU state is free movement of labour stuff within the EU that means you wouldn't need work permits etc in any EU state if you are an EU citizen .
  6. by   GitanoRN
    Quote from icu-rn<3
    hi everyone,
    i am also a french citizen with an american rn license. i live in nyc, and i just wanted to reach out to the other french nurses in the city feel free to email me, i miss speaking french
    je peux m'identifier votre situation parce que je sentais la mme chose quand je suis venu aux etats, bien qu'il existe plusieurs population de langue latine ici. cela dit, il n'est pas le mme que mon pays natal, madrid, espagne espagnol castillan. en vous souhaitant le meilleur toujours dans tous vos projets futurs ... ole ~

    post-scriptum dire bonjour la grosse pomme pour moi

    (i can relate to your situation because i felt the same when i came to the states, although there are several latin speaking population here. having said that, it's not the same as my native madrid, spain castilian spanish. wishing you the very best always in all of your future endeavors...ole~

    p.s. say hello to the big apple for me )
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    Please limit conversations in French to PM's as my HS French is VERY rusty + Terms Of Service requires English only used at our site.
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    Quote from nrskarenrn

    please limit conversations in french to pm's as my hs french is very rusty + terms of service requires english only used at our site.
    unquestionably, i didn't mean to exclude anyone by carrying on a conversation in french, i was merely making her feel at home, for this same reason i place a translation of my conversation. therefore, if i over looked the terms of service which never entered my mind, needless to say, my sincere apologies are in order have a bless week ...aloha~
  9. by   BrandonLPN
    Quick question: I've read that France practices team nursing usually with one RN and 2-3 "auxiliary nurses". Are auxiliary nurses the equivalent of American CNAs? Or are they more like LPNs?