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  1. I qualified with a degree in paediatric nursing in the summer and currently have 6 months experience as a nurse. Myself and my boyfriend are looking at moving abroad to work for a year/to live. We are looking at America or Canada however it all seems so complicated. Would a degree be enough of a qualification and how much experience as a qualified nurse would I need to work there? Also do you need a full time job before you move over there or is it possible to work on the 'bank' like you can in the UK

    How easy/long does the application process take to be accepted?

    Any help would be much appreciated
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Both Canada and the US require general training which means clinical and theory hours in Paeds, mental health, obstetrics and adult. Also for the US you are looking at over 6 years processing time before getting there and working as a immigrant and that time starts once you have met state requirements, passed NCLEX and found a employer willing to wait that long. ( hard due to many US nurses out of work) your boyfriend wll have to find his own way as the US doesn't recognize anything less that marriage ( not same sex marriage) when trying to go as a couple.

    Canada has a under 30 years of age option for working 12 months but all gone for this year and normally released around Dec. each has to qualify on own but if working in healthcare a medical will be required. Be aware processing times to be a nurse in Canada is over 12 months long and for many IENs some form of evaluation and courses are required before permission to sit the Canadian RN exam is given. Nursing this year has been removed from the federal skilled list making it harder for IENs to work in Canada please not I say harder not impossible. There are a few different routes for Canada so check out the cic website.

    Both for the US and Canada a full time job will be required for work visa/permit except IEC in Canada which is for under 30's
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    During my paediatric training I completed an adult placement but not mental health, would I have to go back and complete this to even been accepted? US is looking unlikely as we wanted to move in the next 12-18 months. Do you know whether they do under 30's option every year?

    As for my boyfriend he isnt classed as a skilled profession so may have more trouble than me
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    Yes your transcripts must show clinical and theory hours in the areas I mentioned. I do not think the US has the under 30 option.

    This should get you started on IEC for Canada, although talks about this year and they have now all gone it should give you some ideas for next year Travel and Work in Canada | Temporary Work Visa For Work Holidays in Canada for Students and Youth | International Experience Canada
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    I shall have a look at it. Thank you for your help
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    You are welcome
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    silverdragon Do you know anyone who obtained a healthcare position under IEC?
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    on an expat website I also go on there has been a few expressing interest but never came back and discussed it but a few did start their registration process but I think the long time it takes puts people off. Also before it can be issued a medical must be taken