Nursing DOH Exam in UAE

  1. Hey Guys!

    Apparently it isnt so easy getting a lic to practice as a nurse here in dubai. NOw to get this lic. i need to do an exam held by the dept of health in dubai...called the doh exam for nurses. Was wondering if anyone can help tell me where i can get sample papers/model papers of the exam... or even tell me about the exam as it only written or oral as well? And what kind of questions do they generally ask? Are they speciality related or just about nursing as a whole...? Its kinda urgent so any help will be appreciated.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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    There are a couple of threads discussing DOH exam
  4. by   Lorelle
    Thank you so much silverdragon for directing me there. I am new to the site so was kinda lost. It helped me with quite a bit of stuff.
  5. by   dee RN
    hi.. what requirements did u submit for doh exam?? can i take it without hospital experience.. im newly grad and board passer.. pls rpy.. nid it bady.. Godbless
  6. by   banchan
    @ Lorelle

    Hi! We're in the same boat. I'll be going there in Dubai this April as a tourist and will take the DOH exam there. I have a relative that is working in a hospital and he's the one arranging my visa and booking my flight. The only thing that I need to do is to pass the DOH exam and I also don't have any idea as to what kind of exam is that. I heard that it is some kind of an oral/panel interivew.

    When will you go to Dubai? I am also contemplating to take HAAD exam here in the Phil. just in case if I won't be able to pass the DOH exam, I can transfer to Abu Dhabi.

    Hope someone who has taken and has already passed the DOH exam share their experience...
  7. by   apoplexy

    i just want to share my fiance's experience. She recently took the DOH exam last January. She went to Dubai under visit visa to try her luck in landing a nursing job. She was a unit OIC already in one of the tertiary hospitals in QC with almost 5 years experience when she resigned to go to dubai. She tried to apply to different hospitals and clinics in Dubai but despite her very impressive resume there was not even a single prospective employer who accepted her cv. Because of this she was forced to take the DOH exam immediately before her visa expires.
    Background of the exam:
    - 3 person panel interview (one is a doctor and i don't know the logic behind it)
    - maximum of 12 candidates per exam date, each will enter the panel room one at a time
    - one examiner one topic and it's up to each examiner if how many related questions she/he will ask you regarding his/her topic

    My fiance's topic was all about IV therapy, blood transfusion and the GI system. All of them who took the exam during that day agreed that it was not hard at all. If you have enough experience chances are, you will most likely answer their questions because most of the questions are situational with a little bit of theory.
    The results will be out in 2 days and it can be viewed online.
    After my fiance got her result she went back to the clinics and hospitals to reapply. It was so funny because the following day after she submitted her cv to different institutions her phone became so busy due to the different calls she received from HR personnels wanting to hire her ASAP. She ended signing up a contract to a clinic with a very competetive offer. She is now just waiting for her resident visa to come out.
    Don't worry that much of the exam just don't let your nerves get in to you. As long as you have enough clinical experience everything will be just fine!

    By the way I will be going there in April to take the exam as well. I am just completing my requirements and maybe I will ask my fiance to file the application for me. Are you done filing for application or will you be doing it personally when you arrive in dubai? You said that you have a relative working in Dubai? Does your relative have any idea if a different person can file for an application of someone who is not in Dubai?

    thanks in advance for your reply and Godbless!
  8. by   banchan

    My cousin is the one arranging my visa. He has already started processing my papers. As to your question of the possibility of having a different person file for an application for DOH exam for someone who is not in Dubai, I'm not sure. I will be the one filing for it when I get there.

    I am quite anxious about the exam. So I see that it is a panel interview. I have experienced a panel interview before (composed of 5 panelists) when I apply in a tertiary hospital here in the Phil. With God's help, I was able to passed. I just don't know what will happen to me there... huhu...

    I am thinking of taking the HAAD exam here in Makati as a failsafe plan if ever I won't be able to passed the DOH exam. Do you think it is necesssary? Or should I wait for my DOH exam result in Dubai? I am quite pessimistic. I really am. (what a disaster!) My cousin said that I will be leaving by mid April this year. You say that you will also go there by April? God bless to both of us!
  9. by   jekz08
    hi guyz I am new in this site. I am also a RN, I am here in Dubai for almost 8 months apparently I am currently not working here as a nurse.
    I just had my interview last week at SAUDI GERMAN HOSPITAL and luckily I passed the interview and exam but they still require me to take the licensure exam here in Dubai. I just wanna get some piece of advice or tips with regards to the said exam. Do you have any idea what are the commonly ask questions during the exam?
  10. by   chappy86
    Jekz08 can I ask for some pointers or advice for my interview for saudi german hospital? thanks in advance!
  11. by   MithilaAnoop
    hi,just now came to know about this site.I want to know about DHA exam date and the center.please tell me ,how it is conducted?from where i can get the sample question papers?
  12. by   jonel
    hi just want to ask, how long did your fiance process the application to take the exam....coz from what i heard you need to sign up first and upload ur documents and they will check if those are real or falsified doc for max of 6 weeks before you can take the actual exam...ryt?

    reply asap
  13. by   mischievousprincess
    Hi Guys..what are the steps for me to take the UAE DOH exam? do you have a website for that? thank you for those who will reply.
  14. by   aneelata
    Hi Good day just want to know about MOH,DHA exames from where i can get forms, date,and preparation of question.will be great full.