no available books in middle east I want to be RN

  1. I studied 4 years of nursing in Iraq .. here in middle east they are not a big fan of nursing so I can't find books in a library and I want to be RN so bad ... I know I have long long way to make this came true .. so please would you help me to start .. as what's the books names addition I should order online.. or is it possible to take some courses out of middle east

    Thanks in advance

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    If you studied nursing for 4 years what sort of qualification did it give you?
  4. by   squidbillies
    University of Sharjah in Dubai has a nursing program. You could get pre reqs like anatomy and physiology, microbiology, etc at the university of Baghdad. Then try and get into Dubai. I know Dubai is super expensive, but perhaps they have scholarships or student loans (I'm not sure at all).

    I spent a couple of years in Iraq. I'm not sure that staying there will get you far in a nursing career. However, if you want to "nurse" on your own in your community, you can always do that. Without skills training, you would have a hard time with some things. YouTube is available to you, if you have internet, and you can always look up individual skills there. For example, dressing changes and neurological assessments. You can also learn a lot on There, you may learn about DNA, fluids and electrolytes, etc. Lastly, regarding books- I would suggest downloading free nursing books on Search for "nursing fundamentals" and you will get a good start.

    Good luck to you.
  5. by   suha.O
    Many thanks squidbilies.. I work in two jobs now in general surgery and gyn
    Trying to get some practice ..
    Again many thanks squidbilies
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