Newly qualified nurse in Abu Dhabi?

  1. Hello all, I apologise if this topic has already been discussed, but myself and my hubby may have the chance to relocate to Abu Dhabi as he has a new job offer. However, I am only a newly qualified nurse with no experience, would I be able to find work?All of the advertised nursing positions we have seen require at least 2-3 years experience.Any guidance or advice would be greatly appreciated.Kind Regards
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  3. by   jaimearbex
    Hello, there are some agencies wich reclutes nurses to Arabia Saud, EAU etc. Here in Spain i contanted one called "Dielite". I talked with them and they told me that there are a lot lot lot work for nurses. So, i think you may have a chance beacause they seem to be desperate. So i think they may give you a job in a no very difficult ward or something like that. In addition you have the adventage of language. A medium english level is the only requiremet to work. I m learning more english and I hope pass the interview this month. They told me that after passing interview, it takes between 2 to 4 month until you start working there. Good luck
  4. by   Biggie1
    Hi I'm also a a rn with no experience, I'm wondering if you've moved out there and had the possibility of finding a job as an RN nurse with Haad examination? Please reply! I might be moving out there in August due to my husbands' job. Thanks!!