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  1. (Originally the following post was going to be an attempt to cling on to myself or remember whatever is me/was me as a nurse but I suppose it's better off as a message to fellow "third world nurses" like me who are skeptical of working overseas.)

    How do I start this thing that I was supposed to submit as an article but this is probably something too triggering for me to write properly in English?

    Shall I introduce myself for a bit?

    I am a registered nurse from a third world country who left my homeland to work for another. Why? I am actually a very nationalistic person. I don't go around littering on the streets like my other fellow countrymen. I never got into the pressure of perfecting English. I never dreamed of immigrating. I love my country but, why did I left to work for another? Like others, I needed a stable job.

    I used to work at a small hospital on a six-months contractual basis. I got renewed for a few times. One time, I've foreseen the low probability of my contract renewal. New graduates with huge connections will be coming and someone like me who has no close relation to the big guns will be thrown out. Now before you think that I was being too pessimistic and before you say employment isn't all about connections, no, I was not being pessimistic and, no, connections are very important. I'd share more details but I don't want give away clues about my identity. (Last time I checked I have relatives in this forum.) Anyway, I left for the easiest country I could go to without finishing my last six-months contract. The easiest country I could go to is another third world country such as mine. I won't share that part of my story because I want the next part to be the star.

    I'm writing this too badly that even I don't know how to continue...err...maybe I should have just removed the first part of this post.

    TL;DR I wanted to experience working in a first world country.

    Maybe it's because of the lack of professionalization of nursing at that other third world country I worked at or, maybe it's because I used to read a lot here on allnurses.com; I started desiring becoming a nurse in a first world country. It was a difficult process and I had to start at the bottom again but I didn't care. I needed some time anyway...

    Eventually, here I am now, I managed to become a registered nurse in a first world country. Before all this, I was afraid that I won't be able to compete. I was originally a nurse from a small hospital in a third world country. And it wasn't just a hospital, it was a poor hospital. However, here I am now and I just have this one thing to say to my fellow scared dreamers, to those who didn't came from big ISO certified hospitals, don't be scared. Don't doubt yourselves. You're most likely doing fine. Sure they have better instruments and machinery but first world doesn't really mean better.

    TL;DR again. Being a third world nurse doesn't mean we are lesser than first world nurses. Don't be afraid to compete. Don't be afraid to go into their world.

    What's the point on my post again?

    I feel that I have a lot to tell more. Like "Run! Run far, far, away if you have any respect for yourself as a professional don't go into this country." but I'm probably getting incomprehensible.
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