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I still can't post a question. I'd like to know info regarding haad-rn exam requirements? I've spending almost whole day looking for the website regarding requirements for that exam but I was... Read More

  1. by   bjen143
    What is the passing percentage of haad exam?.
  2. by   MikeeMikes26
    Quote from lyca
    Hello just want to ask because I'm planning to take Haad next month.. I am 2 yrs already here in UAE but I am working as a Sales associate and after my contract I want to apply as a Nurse... So is it possible that I could be hired in hospital or clinic in abu dhabi if ever I pass the exam?? I have 1 yr experience in my country only??hope for any reply.. Thanks..
    hi there. I have been searching for nurse vacancy job ads for UAE in different websites lately and also tried my luck submitting my application directly to an employer who visited the Philippines last October and as I see it, Dataflow which is the pre-requisite for HAAD require at least 2 years of uninterrupted hospital experience as nurse. I think the 2 year related work experience is a non negotiable requirement for Dataflow.
  3. by   MikeeMikes26
    Quote from Scoolsocks1988
    Greetings! I would just like to ask, what are the requirements needed to take the HAAD EXAM? I've heard they require 2 years experience as "Staff: Volunteer Experience not honored". Will they require submission of certificate of employment prior to registering for an exam? I would really appreciate your help. Thank you very much! God speed!
    Yes, it's one of the requirements for Dataflow.
  4. by   MikeeMikes26
    Quote from ac_0715
    What if you had the 2 years experience but had an epmloyment gap after the 2 years experience,
    would it still be considered?
    I think it would still be considered however most employers prefer a recent work experience (not greater than 3 months).
  5. by   MikeeMikes26
    Quote from bjen143
    Good day. I just want to ask. I just submitted my application dataflow. How many mos.possibly i can take the haad exam?
    3 months or less. That would all depend on how fast your credentials could be verified.
  6. by   westley9811
    hi that's also my problem..i just recently passed haad-rn last june 2016 but still having difficult time to look for an employer since i also had an employment gap of 2 years. would other employers consider hiring me..i had a solid hospital experience for 2 years and 5 months in a trauma unit.
    But from what i've heard my haad licensce wouldnt that be easy to release if i wouldn't found any employer and also knowing that employers prefer those nurses who are currently working or those with no greater than 3-6 months employment gap... hope you'll be able to advise me of what's the best thing that i can do in order for me to proceed with my licensce...thank you..
  7. by   ALFRED BALO
    Good day... I passed the HAADRN exam year 2010, that time they said there is no expiry date for the said exam. By any chance this time, is there already an expiry date?