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I still can't post a question. I'd like to know info regarding haad-rn exam requirements? I've spending almost whole day looking for the website regarding requirements for that exam but I was... Read More

  1. by   sledcrn
    Quote from nezzyRN
    as far as i know there is no expiration for the HAAD exam but you cannot register for a permanent license if you don't have 2-yr MS experience and they dont acknowledge a volunteer experience. so, better look for a nursing job first before you take the exam. it would be a lot easier for you to process your license and get an overseas job as well.
    hi nezzy Rn does it have to be exclusively MS experience? i only have dialysis experiene for 2 years would that also count? please reply thanks :)
  2. by   andreajmp
    hi i'm julie. just want ask if i'm already qualified to work in uae as a staff nurse. i have 1 yr xp as a staff nurse in phil and 3 yrs xp as an assistant nurse here in singapore. any advice pls....
  3. by   vjmrsjm
    hi! I am planning to take HAAD exam. in manila but I don't know yet if I am qualified. I have two years experience as psychiatric or rehabilitation nurse. Any advice??? thanks...
  4. by   spellmanel
    Hi nezzyRN!

    Sorry to bother you but I have to ask you something and I think you're the best person who can answer my queries.

    I passed the philippine board exam last 2010. My friend told me that no requirements are needed as long as you're already an RN but then when I searched through google, it was stated that you need to have 2 years clinical experience. I don't have hospital experience yet but I already paid the $90 registration and scheduled my exam before knowing this. Can I still take the exam and apply/register for my license after 2 years? The certificate that I will receive whenever I pass the exam will be valid until when? I hope to hear from you pretty soon. I have my exam scheduled on the 8th of September. Thank you so much!
  5. by   ivan_aldrich
    What happened to you after taking the test? Kindly share your experience. Thanks
  6. by   shahukochu
    hello.....!!! i just completed bsc nursing & 6 months internship in OBG ward in india....... i would like to know

    1 whether i can apply for haad?
    2 when can i apply for haad?
    3 is it necessary to have more than 6 months exp?

    now i am in UAE under father's visa...... plz do me..... thanx!!!!!!
  7. by   Dinx
    I will also would like share some of my understanding about HAAD-RN exam. I passed my HAAD-RN exam last 2010 so Im not quite updated about it. Anyway, there are not much requirements in taking the exam, all you need to be is a Registered Nurse period. The exam is quite easy compared to NLE and NCLEX, I didnt even have a proper preparation upon taking the exam, I just used the saunders Q&A CD, so not much to worry in passing the exam, it is just 150 items in a 3 hour period time frame, it is a computer-based exam just like NCLEX. Upon finishing the exam, the result will be available right away. Also in registering for the exam, all you need to do is to make a schedule online at pearsonvue website.

    Passing the HAAD-RN exam does not qualify you to have automatic license. This is the point where the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi will require you to have at least hospital experience once you will process your license through the HAAD Data Flow.Im not sure for the number of years experience, but before it was at least 1 year MS and another year in any area. They need to verify so many things about you being a BSN graduate, a Registered Nurse and experienced RN as well. Also, you need to have an employer in Abi Dhabi who will sponsor for your HAAD Data Flow because your license is specific for that employer only. I had the chance to start with the processing of my Data Flow when I was hired by Al Rabah Hospital and they paid my Data Flow as my employer, the Data Flow verification takes at least 6-10 months to be done (maybe more) and it happened that I was also hired by Kuwait MOH and the deployment catches up before my data flow was done, so here I am now in Kuwait and did not bother to follow-up about my HAAD anymore.

    So for the many inqueries here, sitting for the HAAD-RN exam is just as simple as ABC, but getting the HAAD license after passing the exam is another story. Also, most hirings for Abu Dhabi requires you to be a HAAD-RN passer, so this must be the first step to take to have an employer,but if you don't have the required number of years experience, it would be nothing since you cannot process your license and most probably you cannot have an employer in Abu Dhabi without experience.

    Hope this Helps....
  8. by   karisamae
    data flow forwarded my application to haad, my status says 'SAVE AS DRAFT'...what should i do next??thank you!!
  9. by   lyca
    Hello just want to ask because I'm planning to take Haad next month.. I am 2 yrs already here in UAE but I am working as a Sales associate and after my contract I want to apply as a Nurse... So is it possible that I could be hired in hospital or clinic in abu dhabi if ever I pass the exam?? I have 1 yr experience in my country only??hope for any reply.. Thanks..
  10. by   chan siew eng
    hi,i'm Chan,from Malaysia,i'm planning to take haad Rn exam on December,test center in Singapore,could someone please tell where to get the reading materials,or is it okay for me to choose ABC paasing foreign board of Gapuz,or any other better study materials .thanks.
  11. by   Scoolsocks1988
    Greetings! I would just like to ask, what are the requirements needed to take the HAAD EXAM? I've heard they require 2 years experience as "Staff: Volunteer Experience not honored". Will they require submission of certificate of employment prior to registering for an exam? I would really appreciate your help. Thank you very much! God speed!
  12. by   ac_0715
    What if you had the 2 years experience but had an epmloyment gap after the 2 years experience,
    would it still be considered?
  13. by   bjen143
    Good day. I just want to ask. I just submitted my application dataflow. How many mos.possibly i can take the haad exam?