How to Get a Job In Spain

  1. I'm a registered nurse from Ireland trying to get a job in Spain, does anyone have any experience of this? I have already registered with the "Bolsa" to try and get a job in the public health service. I realise however that I am highly unlikely to get a job in the public service, does anyone have any tips on how else to get a job?
    They don't seem to advertise jobs in the papers or on online recruitment agencies like we do here, do they just apply directly to hospitals?
    I am currently working in a surgical high dependancy unit and would like a job along the same lines, I'm not really interested in working in a nursing home or in a clinic, and these are the only jobs I seem to be able to find online! Any advice would be HIGUELY appreciated!
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  3. by   pyocianik
    Right now with the crisis there are lots of unemployed nurses in Spain. A very good friend of mine went back there last year in July, only last week she managed to get a job offer (rather poorly paid of course) despite her qualifications.
    She plans to come back to France to make a living.
    Most jobs you'll find online are the ones nobody wants. If you really want Spain, take time off, go there and tour the facilities that are interesting you.
  4. by   Darnia
    Hello jasmine33! I think the best time of the year to get a job in Spain is summer. Besides of being in the "bolsa" you will need to visit the hospitals yourself to give them your CV. If you have some RN experience, are registered with the Nursing Council of Madrid and speak fluent Spanish, you will not have any problem to get a job for the summer period in the public health. If you are living in Madrid already, I recommend you to visit some public hospitals in the city centre and bring your CV with you. Son't wait for the bolsa to call you.

    Anyway, I agree with pyocianik, the recession is too bad in Spain, so nursing hiring has dramatically decreased within the last 4 years. Nowadays, most of my colleagues (the ones who are working, because many others are just unemployed) have temporary contracts. Actually, some of them have been working several months with 15-day contracts!

    Good luck!
  5. by   Sopever
    Hi jasmine33, pyocianik is right, the crisis in Spain is really bad right now and to find a job as a nurse is very difficult, specially in the public system. I'm a Spanish nurse and I'm moving to the USA this summer. But if you are still thinking in working in Spain as a nurse, as Darnia said, the best time should be in summer and you should leave your cv to the hospitals you're interested in, publics or privates. But I guess it's going to be just a "summer contract", nothing extensive, but who knows... In any case, good luck! ;-)
  6. by   Darnia
    Sopever, are you going to work as a nurse in the USA? Did you take TOEFL, NCLEX, etc? Would you mind explaining me how the process was?

    Sorry I have to ask you these questions in this thread but the forum does not alow me to send private messages yet. Thanks and good luck!!
  7. by   Sopever
    Hi Darnia, I still need to do all of these things. I'm going to live in north Carolina, so depending on which state you're going to live you need to do different things. Well, toefl and nclex is common in every state. Maybe I can send you a private message, I'll try. Are you going to the USA too?
  8. by   Sopever
    I can't send private messages either :-/
  9. by   Darnia
    I'd like to, but it's not so easy. To work as a nurse in the USA you need a visa (I guess you know that better than me) and nowadays it is very difficult to get an sponsorship. Which kind of visa do you have?
  10. by   Sopever
    Yes, it's very difficult, in my case it's a bit easier because my husband is American, but I think it's going to be a bit difficult too. My plan is to start the CES program through the CGFNS now before moving there, and once we're there I'll start to study English and to process my visa. And I hope to get all of these things and get ready for the nclex. So I guess this is going to take me more than a year...By the way, where are you from?
  11. by   Darnia
    Then I think it's way easier for you to get a job in the USA. Maybe boring for all the paperwork, exams, etc but you've got the most difficult thing. I am from Madrid, and you? I'm not working right now (I was made redundant in October) but looking for a job abroad. I wish I could get a job in the USA, but I am considering as well "easier" countries such as the UK or Australia (long process but not very difficult to get an sponsor).
  12. by   Sopever
    Hahahaha, so you speak Spanish! It's ok, that way I can practice my English. I'm from Valencia and I'm on a leave of absence (?) because my job consists on working long shifts (17-24h) and I have two little kids and it was nearly impossible to combine my current job with my family. So, my husband found a job there and we decided to move, at least until the things in Spain get better. Honestly, I don't think this is going to be any time soon, I even didn't try to find another job as a nurse here. I don't know how the bolsa
  13. by   Sopever
    I don't know how the bolsa works in Madrid, but in Valencia is horrible. So, I'm excited about new opportunities, it will be hard, but it's ok.I think the countries you're thinking of are really good to work as a nurse, it's very good in Sweden too, but not sure.
  14. by   Darnia
    Yes, I speak Spanish :-D but we cannot use any other language in this forum except English. That's why I wanted to send you a private message, it is easier in Spanish for both of us ;-)

    I don't think things in Spain are going to be better in the near future either. In Madrid the bolsa is horrible too. We only have a chance in summer. Too many people for too few job positions, you know. So it's time for me to emigrate. After summer I hope to get a job abroad.

    Good luck with your new life in North Carolina!