Hi,i want to write NCLEX directly .Is there agency in india ?

  1. Hi,
    I want to write NCLEX directly .Is there any agency in India working in this area?
    waiting reply from any one

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  3. by   suzanne4
    You have mosted on many different threads, so I am not sure what you really want to do.

    To work in the US,there is no such thing as taking the NCLEX directly.
    You must apply to a Board of Nursing in the state where you wish to practice.
    Once accepted by them,and that can be any where from two to six months, they will send you an "ATT" letter---authority to test. Once you receive that letter you may schedule an appt with Pearson-Vue to sit for the exam.
    The exam is only offered in the US and its possessions, not in India.
    You must also pass the full set of English exams, the IELTS series with the academic branch and the speaking section or TOEFL, TSE, and TWE.
    You must also apply for and be issued a Visa Screen Certificate, available thru CGFNS, before you will be granted a green card to live and work in the US. You must be able to qualify for a tourist visa to sit for the NCLEX exam in the US,or you can fly to Saipan and take it there. Some states require that you take the CGFNS exam before they will allow you to sit for the NCLEX exam.
  4. by   ambilys
    Hi suzanne,

    sorry for confusion and Thanks a ton for immediate response!!!!!

    I got a high band in IELTS Exam.I have been scheduled for the CGFNS Exam for coming July 14,2004.But two weeks back i received a letter states that i have been scheduled for november 10th 2004.Idon't know what happend.I have sent a letter to CGFNS support team but no response.

    I cannot wait till November,because again it will take long time.So i gave up that option and i heard that some agencies will sponser for writing the NCLEX Exam directly in U.S.

    So my concern is
    1) whether it is possible for overseas candidates to directly write NCLEX in u.s?
    2) Since i got high band in IELTS ,i can try for Europe/canada/australia etc...

    Expecting your valuable advice

  5. by   suzanne4
    With IELTS, those scores can be used for the US, however, it doesn't go by high band but actual numerical scores, such as you need a 7.0 on the speaking part.
    Have you applied to any BON for licensure? You can't sit for the exam until you actually have received permission from a BON to do so. And that can take up to six months for California. New York can take anywhere from two to four months as they have a special verification that has to be done through CGFNS. You also have to apply for Visa Screen.
    Did you contact CGFNS by regular airmail? A repsonse will take you forever to get. When did they receive your complete set of documents, including from your nursing school and licensing board? If not received by mid-April there is no way that they will permit you to sit for the July exam. Did you have prior documentation from them that you were scheduled for July or did you just assume so?
    In order for you to take NCLEX in the US, you must be able to obtain a tourist visa and they are not very easy to get right now. You do have the option of flying to Saipan to take the exam, as you can stay for up to three days without having to get a US tourist visa.
    Depending on which state that you want to work in, California is taking 8 months for processing petitions to work there. New York is only several weeks.
    So right now, you are looking at not being able to take NCLEX for at least several months.