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Hi, I'm a german nurse, graduated from a german nursing school and would like to get in touch with other german nurses in the US. So, if you are one or know one, post a reply.... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
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    hello everyone, am also a german nurse since 2005 and will love to work as a rn in atlanta or anywhere else in the us but i just dont know where to start!can anyone pls help me

    Starting point would be the state Board of Nursing (links can be found at the bottom of the page) however be aware of retrogression and issues finding employer and waiting (long wait) for a visa
  2. by   Mieke

    here the steps.... CGFNS for you CES..... then the TOEFL (the result needs reporting to CGFNS and State Board of Nursing).
    Then get you nursing school to supply transcripts (which need to be generated according to the Krankenpflegeausbildungsgesetzt: Fach/Std. je Fach, etc.). Then translation by court approved translator of Diploma and final report (Urkunde und Abschlusszeugnis). Then letter from your "Landesamt fr Gesundheit und Soziales" in German. Get a Vorabkopie so you can get the official translation done (get 2 original copies of ea. translation you have done). Then send them the official translation and THEY have to send it to CGFNS. Basically you will get the originals/or Beglaubigte Kopien translated and get those to your Krankenpflegeschule/Landesmter/etc. It is you job to get translations done at your cost. AND the documentation will ALWAYS be send directly to CGFNS/or the State Board of Nursing. They have to send ALL originals (Stundentafeln Theorie und Praxis, beglaubigte Kopien of Urkunde und Zeugnis) with translations to CGFNS. That means you want to be on VERY good terms with the secretary of your Krankenpflegeschule. Then the State Board were you wish to work as a nurse will let you know if, for their state you need the CGFNS test. IF not, you will register and receive the Authority to Test for the NCLEX. There are other threads on this site on how to prepare for the NCLEX. Just be advised.... KNOW the English language very WELL and start to prepare right away (google Kaplan and Saunders NCLEX-RN). The lastest I heard of that the NCLEX can now be taken in Frankfurt. And it is definitely offered in London (check Pearsonvue). AND it helps to contact potential employers beforehand. You will need a sponsor for the Visa. Hope this helps. Gru, Mieke