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  1. Hi. My visascreen is expiring early next year and I know I need to renew it. I recently received an email from cgfns about thier eSaved service which I would like to purchase. My question is, if I avail of the CGFNS' eSaved service, do I still need to renew my visascreen?

    Thank you.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    From what I can read esaved service from CGFNS is just a service they are now offering where documents are electronically saved longer than before when purchasing a service. Therefore my understanding is yes you will still need to renew your vsc

    What is the CGFNS International eSAVED Service?

    The CGFNS International eSAVED Service allows you to extend the normal, 4-year period of electronic document image storage by an additional 4 years if purchased at the time a qualifying order is placed and submitted with payment, or for one additional year on an annual basis, if purchased after a qualifying order is submitted. Subsequent qualifying orders submitted during the normal or eSAVED period will retain your electronic document storage for at least 4 years.

    CGFNS International " Global Credibility in Credentials Evaluation
  4. by   mcv0928
    Thank you
  5. by   jozbite
    i am also going to renew my cgfns visa screen this year and cgfns also sent me an email about esaved. my question is, do i still have to submit all the credentials, requirements required for them to renew my visa screen, since those documents are covered by their esaved service. i have been trying to contact them to clarify this matter but their line is always busy and their email service seems to be always unavailable even if i am checking it at the time they said it is available. thank you
  6. by   joycearyanie
    What if someone will not avail the esaved service, is it essential to avail that.. btw , ielts that is not expired is needed to renew a visa screen?right?
    please advise!thanks