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  1. Hi all. I am an RN from Australia with 6 yrs of experience.Looking to get registered in Canada. Just submitted all my paperwork to the NNAS. Wondering if anyone has recently had any advisory report from the NNAS? Just worried as my course was 3 yrs without maternity or paeds. My experience is only in medical nursing.
    I was advised by someone to also register for LPN on NNAS in addition to RN. Rang CLPNBC and they said that even they require paeds + maternity education to give us registration.
    Is it advisable to sign up for a maternity + paeds course in a uni while waiting for an advisory report? Are there any univerisites in BC that enroll us just for a maternity+ paeds course?
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  3. by   dishes
    Are you currently living in BC? There have been Australian nurses licensed in BC in the past, but I don't know how they overcame their education deficiencies. You cannot take maternity & paeds courses in Canada or upgrade, until NNAS has evaluated your education, and you have undergone further assessment and been given direction from CRNBC to obtain more education.
    There is an Australian educated nurse who has received their NNAS report who has a thread entitled Aussie trying to work in Eastern Canada. Her thread is in the nursing in Canada section.
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  4. by   RupiRN
    hi Dishes-Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am a permanent resident and currently residing in BC. Came here a month ago. Now, I am looking for my options to obtain some sort of work.
    Since I come from a nursing background I was contemplating doing a care aid course or going back to Uni while I wait for NNAS to come up with a report (1-2 yrs?).
    I will check out the other thread too.
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  5. by   maddiegrace
    Hi all.
    I can see some posts about australian nurses sending off their paperwork requirements to NNAS and obtaining their advisory report. My stumbling block is that AHPRA are very strict with what they will post away (i.e they will only post a Certificate of Good Standards directly to BC where i want to be registered) how have people over come this? i cant imagine they wont fill out my NNAS form. HELP!

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