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I need help. I need a Certificate of Good Standing from Saudi. I'm formerly from Jeddah. There were different posts here but I'm wanting to know anyone here who was able to go through the process... Read More

  1. by   Chress08
    Hi I am currently in Australia can you elaborate the ways I can secure my saudi goodstanding to be send directly to ahpra
  2. by   nurseHD
    Hello Chress08, you can request for your COGS online. Then ask a friend who is currently in Saudi to pay for the 300 payment for the COGS. Once the payment is done, ask your friend to call the customer service of SCFHS to inform that the payment your friend made was for you. You will then receive your COGS in your email.
    After you receive your good standing thru email, send the copy to your friend's email and ask her/him to print it. Tell your friend to secure an envelope from SCFHS office, then send it personally to Australia using the envelope with the address of SCFHS as sender.
    Quote from Chress08
    Hi I am currently in Australia can you elaborate the ways I can secure my saudi goodstanding to be send directly to ahpra
  3. by   nurseHD
    I would like to share my experience here about the COGS from KSA.

    I left KSA last 2015 in a re-entry visa. I thought for a while I couldn't get a good standing from KSA since my iqama is on huroob (runaway case for not going back to saudi). It took me more than a year figuring out where to work outside the Philippines since mostly of the agencies are requiring for cogs from the previous country of work before hiring. I have been searching the internet, blogs and forums to get the ideas if i can still secure the said document but i didn't find any answer.

    To cut the long story short, I did the online request for good standing from SCFHS website just to know the answer once and for all. To my surprise, I received the email with my COGS. It is the very same certificate that all other nurses get. Only then i realized that not going back to saudi with re-entry visa is not a criminal offence, hence there is no reason to fear whether we can secure this document or not.

    There you go, just sharing this experience to those who did not go back to saudi without final exit visa and wondering whether you can still acquire a good standing certificate or not. Go and request online, don't wait years before you can get this certificate which is an important requirement if you plan on applying abroad again. God speed everyone!
  4. by   jiejie
    hello Nurse HD,

    I am completing my studies here in AU next month and I am not sure about securing the certificate of good standing from saudi council to AHPRA. I was a nurse in saudi for 2 years. I just want to ask if how will my friend will get an envelope to saudi council? because my friend is far from the office so I want to make sure that I am doing the right thing. please help me. I am very desperate.
  5. by   Ronrose
    I received Saudi good standing certificate on June 2nd...there after Saudi council was closed due to Eid until 24th of this month.I need stamping from Saudi council on it and need to post to AHPRA..please advice what I should do for this....I need to do it fast as soon as possible.