Working With An AA Degree While In RN-BSN Program??

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My Name Is Justin, and im an aspiring CRNA.Every CRNA program requires atleast a year of an expierence in ICU or what not but i want to do more than that,jus to be more confident in my work an expierence when i enter GRAD school!!.. I'm currently not in my school's nursing program,but definitely will be applying this year!My School's program demands you to get your Associates degree first an then apply to the rn-bsn program...That leads me to my question.....

.....While having my Associates degree after completing the first 2 years of the program do you all think its possible to work as an Rn in an ICU setting while in the RN-BSN Program to gain expierence so i can jump right into GRAD School????[dont want to waste any time]

...An another thing does nursing internships tend to help you with expierence to maybe get into GRAD school??

..::I really do appreciate all of you all's feedback::..


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It is possible that you could get hired to such a position, but highly improbable that if that happens, that your work schedule would allow for full time nursing school. But, anything is possible.


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It's very possible. In fact you might want to do your RN-BSN bridge online so you'll have more of a free schedule to work. Anytype of nursing experience helps, including internships as long as you get the experience in that field.


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I think it's possible especially if the RN-BSN degree program is online. I found a campus based RN-BSN degree progam that meets only once a week so even that would be doable. Most hospitals have 12 hour shifts so basically you'd only be working 3 nights a week.

Good luck!

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My neighbor worked full time while completing her RN-BSN program. I think she even had to drive almost an hour away to attend the school and she has a young daughter. It's doable, just depends how many commitments you have outside of school and how hard you are willing to work towards that goal. I too have aspirations for becoming a CRNA and attending a BSN program that will allow you to get your associates after the 4th semester, but I think I will just stay in till I'm done so I can focus on good grades. I've also accepted that I will probably need more than 1 year of ICU experience to be a competitive applicant and that my first job post-graduation may not be directly into an ICU. In otherwords, it's probably going to take some time to get into a CRNA program, and I'm ok with that. Good luck in whatever you decide!!

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