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Working at the VA


Specializes in Cardiovascular ICU. Has 7 years experience.

Hey all, what is it like to work at the VA as a CRNA? Anyone doing this in New England?

Hours, benefits, care model, practice areas, pay etc.

I’m currently an ICU nurse applying to CRNA school and would love to go see for myself, but you know.

acarr22, BSN

Has 8 years experience.

following.... in the application process now and hoping to hear something soon.  Sorry, I cannot answer your question


Specializes in CVICU. Has 3 years experience.

I'm interested in hearing what it's like as a CRNA at the VA as well. Hopefully we get some responses here.

Hi, I'd like to know if civilian nurses (not vet's) working at the VA are required to get the Covid vaccine shot?