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Working at UHC


I am in fairmont state's nursing program, I just finished my 1st year! :yeah: I just quit my job as a waitress because I felt I needed to get as much clinical experience as I could, plus I can't wait to be a nurse!! I applied for a PCA at UHC and was told that they weren't hiring anymore PCAs right now but when they do she will call me. Well, I don't know how long it will take for a nurse manager to call and say they need a PCA....so I'm a little scared it will take a while. I need a job soon, I probably should have kept my waitress job till I found something, but I couldn't take being a waitress any longer!!! :p Anyways.....this is my question to all of you: Should I just see when UHC will call me, should I apply at a few nursing homes, should I apply at UHC for like a transport tech.? I'm knind of confused on what I should do at this point.



If you need a job, I'd apply wherever jobs are available. I have no idea what the job market is like at UHC but I know a lot of folks are having trouble finding jobs right now. I'd definitely look into other openings at UHC if that's where you want to work because it's almost always easier to transfer to a different position/dept than it is to get hired in.

Nothing says you have to keep a job if a better opportunity presents itself!

YAY a Fairmont State Nursing student...how rare is that? I just graduated in May from the ADN program, and I am starting orientation at UHC on June 15th...I would definetly contact judy in the HR to find out if there are going to be any positions open, if not then YES APPLY ELSEWHERE...I had a rough time finding a job, mainly because I focused on staying in fairmont because I am going back in the fall to school, plus its close to home. I have a 6 year old so I want to be home with her too, and now I have a 40min drive to work vs 5 minutes..However UHC seems great and I would highly recommend pursuing them...Also start applying everywhere for your GN position in december, but definetly before the end of January...Good luck next year!!!

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