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Hey guys,

I'm currently working on being accepted in the TCC (Tallahassee Community College) Nursing program for fall 2018. I attend BC (Broward College) in South Florida fir this last semester, hoping to pass HUN1201. I then would have to score well on the HESI.

My question is Can I work while being in the program? Who plans on working while being in the program? I have my CNA/PCT license and plan on working whether it be per diem, part-time 12hrs, or full time 12hrs at one if the hospitals in Tally. Who has this experience and how did it work out. What would you recommend?

I greatly appreciate the help, and will like to thanks those in advance for your time. Feel free to ask me any questions.

I live in NY. I have 2 kids and work full-time. I got accepted into a nursing program for fall 2018. I am the sole provider so I can't afford to not work or even go down to part time. I'm hoping that my work schedule which is overnights 7 days on/7 days off works with the demand of getting through the program. If you are financially able to work part time or oer form then that would be a start. Good luck!!!

I'm applying for fall 2018 as well at TCC. I plan on working around 18-20 hours a week while in the program, i'm super nervous! I know it will be tough but with the right planning and time management I think it can be done. Have you taken the HESI yet?

I haven't taken the hesi yet. I'm not ready. I've studied once, but need the book again before I take it. I still need to transfer my transcript after grades have been submitted.

I need to find some private duty cases to work so I can study on the job. I'm nervous about moving because it'll be the first I'm living on my own.

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